Authentication and IP Whitelisting
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When you start to use your proxies you will be prompted to authorize your proxies with a username and password - essentially it's similar to verifying your account and authority when you log in to say an email account or bank account, etc.

We support two types of authentication (login) with your proxies which will be explained below.

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Username & Password Authentication

This is your Proxyrack username and password (API key) which is listed in your user dashboard. You can find your username and password by clicking on the "Authentication" tab.

You enter these details into your PC, browser, or chosen software when making a connection or request to the server. (More information on this can be found here).

IP Whitelisting

We also offer the option to set up your authentication so that the proxy server authenticates you by your IP address instead of your username and password. This is called IP Whitelisting.

We allow you to connect up to 20 individual IP addresses to your account.

You can find the IP Whitelisting settings by clicking on "Authentication" in the navigation menu, and then choosing the "IPs" tab.

From here, simply add any IP addresses that you would like to be whitelisted, making sure to put each IP on a new line. Then click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

If you change your password (API key) or add a new IP address for authentication it can take up to 5 minutes to reflect on our servers.

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