Exclude a specific ISP using geo-targeting
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Quick Example:


Video guide here.

If you do not want to connect to proxies from a specific ISP, you can add a minus symbol in front of the ISP name. For example, to connect to IPs from any ISP in the US except Verizon, it would look like this: “username;country=US;isp=-Verizon:password”. You can also exclude multiple countries by separating each country with a comma.

Using the “=” syntax here, you need to encapsulate your username and password in quotation marks. It would look like this: “username;country=US;isp=-Verizon:password”

You can retrieve a list of available ISPs within a specific country using the Proxyrack API. Here is a guide.

Please note that cURL is used below as an example. You do not need to use cURL in order to geo-target. You can do this wherever you have configured your proxies, such as in a browser, code, etc.


Unmetered Residential:

Please note: Unmetered Residential proxies are no longer available for purchase. Existing subscriptions will continue to work, however.
curl -x unmetered.residential.proxyrack.net:10000 -U 'username;country=US;isp=-Verizon:password' http://example.com

Live example here.

Premium Residential:

curl -x premium.residential.proxyrack.net:10000 -U 'username;country=US;isp=-Verizon:password' http://example.com

Live example here.

Private Unmetered Residential:
curl -x private.residential.proxyrack.net:10000 -U 'username;country=US;isp=-Verizon:password' http://example.com

Live example here.

Global Rotating Datacenter:
curl -x global.rotating.proxyrack.net:10000 -U 'username;country=US-;isp=-Verizon:password' http://example.com

Live example here.

USA Rotating Datacenter:
curl -x usa.rotating.proxyrack.net:10000 -U 'username;country=US-;isp=-Verizon:password' http://example.com

Live example here.

Static USA Datacenter:
curl -x usa.static.proxyrack.net:10000 -U 'username;country=US-;isp=-Verizon:password' http://example.com

Live example here.

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