What is geo-targeting?
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Video guide here.

Geo-targeting allows you to select which country, city, or ISP you would like your proxies to be from. For example, when accessing an international bank account for security reasons you might want to access the account from the country it is held in. Or a website might only allow IPs from a certain country.

There are a couple of things to note about geo-targeting:

  1. It is only possible to geo-target by country, city, and ISP. It is not possible to geo-target by state or province.

  2. Geo-targeting and IP whitelisting cannot be used together. If you want to geo-target, you will need to use your username and password to authenticate. If you have already whitelisted your IP address for authentication, please remove it from your profile as it will interfere with geo-targeting.

Geo-targeting is accomplished by making a simple change to your username wherever you have configured your proxies. You can do this in the browser, in your code, within an application, etc. Below are guides for how to geo-target by country, city, and ISP, as well as accessing geo-targeting information from the Proxyrack API:

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