Exporting Your Proxy List

How to configure your proxies in whatever format you need and export a list

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You can configure your Proxyrack proxies in whatever format that you like. Most programs will require your proxies to be in either "username:password@host:port" or "host:port:username:password" format. Please reference your program's proxy configuration instructions to see what specific format you need.

In your dashboard, click on the name of your subscription from the left-hand navigation bar. Then click on the "Proxy Endpoints" tab.

You will see a tab for both "Sticky Ports" and "Random Ports". Click on the type of port you would like to use.

By default, the list of ports will show in "host:port" format. You can use the "Export format" area on the right to configure what format you would like your proxies to be in. Simply click the name of the property you would like to add to the format and the box on the list will automatically update.

When you are ready and have the format that you would like, click either "Copy list" to copy the list to your clipboard or "Download list" to download a .txt file to your downloads folder.

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