User Dashboard Walkthrough

A detailed walkthrough of all of the features in your user dashboard.

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Prefer a video walkthrough? Check it out here.

You can view and manage all of your Proxyrack proxies in your user dashboard. This guide breaks down the different sections of the dashboard in detail.


The services page shows you all of the different proxy products offered. From here you can either start a new subscription or modify a current subscription.


The payments page shows you all the payments you have made on your account.


The authentication page shows you your username and API key. Here you can also easily change your API key whenever you like. Under the "IPs" tab, you can see a list of your whitelisted IP addresses and add/remove whitelisted IPs as needed.


The verification page will show whether or not you have verified your identity yet. If you have not then the screen will be the same as in the screenshot above. If you have already verified your identity then the screen will update letting you know that.


The profile page includes your basic information (name, email, username), as well as tabs for your address and password. The password tab will allow you to change your account password whenever you like.

Your Active Services

This section of the navigation bar lists the active subscriptions that you currently have. Each link will take you to the product page for the respective proxies.

Services/Product Pages

The "Information" tab shows all information regarding your subscription, such as the quantity, price, start and renewal dates, and payments. You can also upgrade/downgrade or cancel your subscription here.

The "Proxy Endpoints" page will show you the connection details for your proxies. Premium Residential, USA Rotating Datacenter, and Global Rotating Datacenter proxies all offer both sticky and random ports. With Private Unmetered Residential and Static USA Datacenter proxies, you will only see sticky ports. You can learn more about random vs. sticky ports here.

This page will also allow you to set your rotation interval and configure a proxy list. Here is a video tutorial on how to configure and export/download your proxy list.

The "Currently assigned ports" section will populate as you make requests through your proxies. This list populates in real time.

The "Webstats" tab will show you different stats based on the product that you are using. For Premium Residential proxies (pictured above) you will see your data usage. For others, you will see your thread usage.

"Destination hosts" will show you the hosts /domains that you have made requests to.

"Source IPs" will list the IPs that you have connected to your proxies from.

"Connections count" will show you the number of connections that you have made over time.

Lastly, the "Authentication" tab will show you all of your authentication details.

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