Target IPs from a specific OS
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Sometimes you may want to target IPs from a specific operating system. In order to do this, add ";osName={name of OS}" after your username when you authenticate. We currently have IPs available with the following operating systems:

  • FreeBSD

  • Linux

  • Mac OS X

  • Windows


Unmetered Residential:

Please note: Unmetered Residential proxies are no longer available for purchase. Existing subscriptions will continue to work, however.
curl -x -U 'username;osName=FreeBSD:password'

Live example here.

Premium Residential:
curl -x -U 'username;osName=Linux:password'

Live example here.

Private Unmetered Residential:
curl -x -U 'username;osName=Mac OS X:password'

Live example here.

USA Rotating Datacenter:
curl -x -U 'username;osName=Windows:password'

Live example here.

Global Rotating Datacenter:
curl -x -U 'username;osName=FreeBSD:password'

Live example here.

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