Each sticky port that you use will have an assigned proxy (IP address) for the duration of that session. If you would like to manually release the proxy from that port and end the session early, you can make a request to http://api.proxyrack.net/release while connected to the port you wish to release. This will release the connection to that IP address and end the session.

When you make another request on that port, a new sticky session will be started with a new proxy assigned to the session.

If you would like to release all of your sticky ports at one time you can make a request to http://api.proxyrack.net/release_all.


Please note that the use of cURL here is simply an example. You do not need to use cURL in order for this to work. You can also access this API endpoint in your browser, programmatically through code, in software, etc.

Unmetered Residential:

Please note: Unmetered Residential proxies are no longer available for purchase. Existing subscriptions will continue to work, however.
curl -x unmetered.residential.proxyrack.net:10000 -U username:password http://api.proxyrack.net/release

Premium Residential:
curl -x premium.residential.proxyrack.net:10000 -U username:password http://api.proxyrack.net/release

Private Residential:
curl -x private.residential.proxyrack.net:10000 -U username:password http://api.proxyrack.net/release

USA Rotating Datacenter:
curl -x usa.rotating.proxyrack.net:10000 -U username:password http://api.proxyrack.net/release

Global Rotating Datacenter:
curl -x global.rotating.proxyrack.net:10000 -U username:password http://api.proxyrack.net/release

Static USA Datacenter:
curl -x usa.static.proxyrack.net:10000 -U username:password http://api.proxyrack.net/release

{"success": True}

Note that you are limited to a certain number of releases per hour. Your hourly release limit is based on the number of threads or ports that you have purchased with your subscription. To see your hourly release limit, make a request to api.proxyrack.net/stats. In the response, it will be under the "release" section.

"release": {
"count": 0,
"limit": 70

Want to watch a video walkthrough instead? This YouTube video will walk you through how to release a sticky session:

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