Please note: Unmetered Residential proxies are no longer available for purchase. Existing subscriptions will continue to work, however.

We provide shared residential proxies with our Megaproxy service.
This means the IPs you have access to are also used by other users as there is no exclusivity.

This service includes the following features:

Sticky IP addresses
This lets you use the same proxy multiple times until it changes the exit node.
You can configure how long the proxy will stay the same in your rotate settings inside your members dashboard.

Random New IP address on every request
This functionality automatically rotates your proxy on each request enabling you to access a huge pool of IP addresses

API Functionality
Besides of our rotating features, we also have a few API functions such as:
- Check how many threads you are currently utilising
- Check when your Sticky IP address will expire and rotate to a new exit node

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