Add a New Subscription

  1. Go to your user dashboard and sign in here:

  2. Choose a product from either the "Add Residential Proxies Subscriptions" or "Add Datacenter Proxies Subscriptions" areas or from the dropdown in the top menu

  3. Choose a subscription and pay

Cancel a Subscription:

  1. Go to your user dashboard and sign in here:

  2. Choose the subscription you would like to cancel from the “Active Subscriptions” area and click the “cancel” link next to the subscription name

  3. Follow the instructions to complete the cancellation

  4. If canceled successfully, you will receive an automated message in your user dashboard stating so

Upgrade/Downgrade a Subscription

The process to upgrade or downgrade a subscription will be different based on the payment system that you used to start your subscription.


  1. Start a new subscription from your user dashboard (follow the instructions above)

  2. Cancel your old subscription (follow the instructions above)

  3. You will receive a message in your user dashboard after your subscription has been canceled

  4. Please reply to this message saying that you would like a pro-rata refund for the unused days of the subscription that was just canceled

  5. A pro-rata refund will be processed for you and your upgrade/downgrade will be complete


  1. As we can not process refunds for subscriptions started with Payssion, you will need to contact support, either through email ([email protected]) or from the chat at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen

  2. We can either directly switch your subscription (if the two subscriptions are for the same dollar amount) or we can create a custom invoice for you to pay the difference in price between the two subscriptions

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