Why doesn't my GEO request match correctly?
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You may be wondering why our GEO IPs do not match your requested location, here we will try our best to clarify this.

We utilize MaxMind GEO database for all location information and other websites or databases may display different information (even a totally different country - say if you are testing in icanhazip for example!)

In this example we will show you how to test our IPs accurately.

1. Here we will get 1 IP from United States / SanJose

We can load up FireFox browser and use our GEO targeting in the username when we're prompted for authentication.

Below we are requesting an IP from the US (United States) and from the city San Jose:

Then we navigate to http://api.ipify.org to get our current IP address:

Advanced users - you can do this with cURL to achieve the same result:
$ curl -x premium.residential.proxyrack.net:9000 -U demouser-country-US-city-SanJose api.ipify.org

2. Next we load them into MaxMind GEO Database

Visit this URL from MaxMind, our GEO database provider:

3. Check results

As you can see below MaxMind GEO database is showing that the IP is from the US in the city of San Jose

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