How long do we hold commission for?

We hold commissions for 40 days.
This is to prevent any issues for us with chargebacks, fraud or refunds.

When do we process affiliate payouts?

Every month on the 28th day we automatically process payouts for all affiliates and it is available for you to see in your Affiliate area inside your members panel.

This section will display how much is owed to you for the particular pay out.
If you have any commissions that are older than 40 days by the 28th you will also receive an email containing how much is owed to you.

What is required to be paid?

You will need to go through our billing verification process before we can send your payout.

What payout methods do we have?

We only pay affiliates through PayPal at this time.

How do I request a payout?

You will need to open a support ticket and we will then process your payout.

What is the minimum payout required?

There is no minimum payout amount for our affiliates.

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