Here you can view more information about the IP that has been assigned to your sticky session and also some of your relevant account details.


Unmetered Residential:

Please note: Unmetered Residential proxies are no longer available for purchase. Existing subscriptions will continue to work, however.
curl -x -U username:password

Premium Residential:
curl -x -U username:password

Private Residential:
curl -x -U username:password

USA Rotating Datacenter:
curl -x -U username:password

Global Rotating Datacenter:
curl -x -U username:password


"bandwidth": {
"usage": 0
"concurrent": 0,
"interval": {
"seconds": 170,
"timestamp": 1583483937
"ipinfo": {
"city": "Murfreesboro",
"country": "US",
"fingerprint": {
"osName": ""
"ip": "",
"isp": "Comcast Cable",
"online": true,
"proxyId": "PRQOGT6FYV"
"release": {
"count": 0,
"limit": 7500
"requestParams": {},
"threadLimit": 600,
"transferGB": {
"limit": "unlimited",
"usage": "0"

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